Friday, 19 October 2007


If there were a theme for yesterday it would have been dreams...

I looked on a friends website and saw they had made a series of digital works, that were interpretations of artworks that he had encountered during his dreams. This reminded me of the works I had made inspired by my own vivid dreams - mainly to do with crawling down streets because the heels I'm wearing have grown so much I can no longer walk, or an endless bumpy journey in Victorian carriage with people who don't really have faces.

I remembered the passage from William Burroughs - My Education: a book of dreams - where he speaks about seeing through his mouth and eating through his eyes...How he is always hungry in his dreams - but never gets to eat - and how this indicates to him that he is dreaming and not in real life. Burroughs also says that it has been proven that dreams are as necessary as sleep itself, that dreaming is a biological function and that without dream sleep you would die within two months.

In the evening I watched The Science of Sleep by Gondry- which mainly seems to be about a boy who 'inverts' real life and dream life, and can't control either, he becomes increasingly frustrated as they entwine...

In my own dreams it is often the rooms that I visit that strike me more than anything else - the spaces my mind conjures up - significant of something...It seems to be these rooms that stay with me more than anything else - I have wanted to try to recreate them somehow - but it seems to be one of those projects where the vastness and the impossibility to get it right, put me off before I start. Although projection seems ideal, images in light, transparency.

Burroughs - '...artist's show people what they know and what they don't know they know' from the Commissioner of the Sewers.

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